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3D Character Created by 3D Scanner and Connection in 3D Game Engine   Jun Guo

3D Character Created by 3D Scanner and Connection in 3D Game Engine

108 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The theme of this book was to discuss the theory of 3D scanning, focus on the flowchart of using 3D NextEngine Desktop Scanner hardware and software as well as the 3D game character exporting and importing in both 3dsMax and CryENGINE2 Sandbox2. The purpose was to scan models made of modeling paste using the 3D Scanner. The models were developed and imported into 3dsMax. At the same step, the skeletons were adjusted and the ranges of the envelopes were also defined. Finally, the models were connected to the skeletons to be used in the 3D game engine. There were several exporting and importing processes are introduced in this book, including the fixing and saving of the texture and mapping of the 3D scanned models. These processes were concerned with finding the best way to design the 3D characters by using a 3D scanner. In fact, the final result showed that it is possible to use a scanned model for animation and acting as a character in a game. It also showed that a 3D scanned model...
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