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Visualizing Performance and Usage Patterns for Large Environments   Sriprabha Gopalan

Visualizing Performance and Usage Patterns for Large Environments

84 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Monitoring a large computing environment is an essential task for gaining insight into its performance and usage patterns. Although there are tools that monitor networks and collect large amounts of data, a sophisticated real-time visualization of the data may provide more detailed information for the analysts. In this thesis we develop a system that applies the concept of multidimensional visualization using glyphs. This generic system can be extended to a range of distributed computing environments. We use the Virtual Computing Lab cloud environment together with performance datasets collected by IBM Tivoli monitoring tools, as a practical testbed for our system. The resources of VCL blades are represented using geometric glyphs that vary their visual appearance to visualize resource usage for Maple software images. We demonstrate results produced by our system on current VCL data. Finally, we describe how the system can be extended to include additional capabilities like predictive...
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