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Towards Stereoscopic Websites   Asra Aslam,Ismi Abidi and M. Sarosh Umar

Towards Stereoscopic Websites

60 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
3D imaging has lately been one of the fast growing technologies finding its applications in all walks of life. Stereoscopic images are in great demand as people want to view images in a manner similar to eyes which create 3D pictures. The artificial stereoscopy includes left and right images captured by two cameras simultaneously. The shifted distance of right image from left image gives us the perception of Depth. In this work, we have developed a DepthMap form left and right images. DepthMap gives us the idea of depth through Gray-coded image and also gives us accurate depth of each point of objects. There are many formats of 3D which can be visualized through glasses, 3D televisions, cross-eyed methods etc. In this work, we have implemented algorithms for Anaglyph images and JPS formats. We can view Anaglyph images through Red-Blue Glasses and JPS images through Cross-eyed methods. These formats can be easily converted to any other formats like MPO. One massively potential...
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