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Introduction to Digital Logic Design   Tariq Jamil and Iftaquaruddin Mohammed

Introduction to Digital Logic Design

140 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Various books on the topic of digital logic design are available in the market today which tend to focus on presenting detailed description of the topics associated with this subject area. Unfortunately, because of limited time during the semester, most students of digital logic design are unable to read each and every page of these books to ascertain the main objective of each topic and, therefore, require a more succinct and to-the-point approach towards learning about these fundamental concepts. This book is a compilation of lectures in digital logic design resulting from teaching of this subject by the authors during the past several years and is intended to provide concise description of the topic commonly covered in a one-semester course. Typical questions or problems which may be asked in examinations from the students are indicated at the conclusion of each chapter to assist students with the formulation of their study plans. It is hoped that this book will assist both...
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