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Working in Architecture   Fobert Jamie

Working in Architecture

208 страниц. 2014 год.
Since its inception in 1996, Jamie Fobert Architects has had a reputation for innovative and inspiring design, including residential, commercial and cultural work. The practice has demonstrated a consistent approach to resolving the ambitions of the client and the complexities of the site into a tactile architecture of volume, material and light. This book explores a selection of Jamie Fobert Architects' numerous specialisms. The practice's residential projects, located both nationally and internationally, are celebrated for their sensitivity to the historic context which they sympathetically partner with contemporary design concerns. Commercial clients include AVEDA and Harrods; popular Shoreditch nightclub and restaurant Cargo; Konditor & Cook and the Gherkin; Selfridges; and Givenchy. The firm has also worked with a number of key arts institutions such as Tate Britain, Tate Modern, Frieze Art Fair, and the new Center for Contemporary Culture in Moscow. Recently, the practice won...
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