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SWIFTACK: A New Agile Development Approach   Sahil Aggarwal,Vikas Deep and Tanaya Gupta

SWIFTACK: A New Agile Development Approach

64 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book is based on frequently changing face of software development industry and to remain in the competition, organizations have to engage with the new situations every day. Agile methodology is known to maintain the speed which is essential to remain in the competition, along with it, there is a need of improvement at each step which can be covered by following CMMI rules. This book shows how the essence of CMMI can be implemented in Agile Process which makes the development mature and organization capable to handle the difficulties. It also covers every aspect of CMMI from measurement plan to documentation and amalgamates it with the Agile process. Swift Tack is a development life cycle which converts the old slow development process into a fast and easily moveable process. With keeping all the current time needs in minds. Swift tack shows the way of delivering continuous software with less documentation and in less time and provides the path to reach certain maturity. This book...
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