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The Story of American Painting   Abraham A. Davidson

The Story of American Painting

230x295 168 страниц. 1974 год.
Harry N. Abrams
"The Story of American Painting" recounts an adventure in art that in many aspects parallels the rise of the American nation. Unique in its blend of the art and the lore of our country, it traces the development of painting from the mid-seventeenth century to the 1970s from the time of the first colonies until today. Every painting discussed is illustrated, many in full color. This gallery of pictures, some famous and familiar masterpieces, others less well known but of equal interest, creates an absorbing panorama of American people, places and events. It is a fitting companion to H.W. and Dora Jane Janson's ever-popular "Story of Painting". The fastmoving text is divided into nine chapters, each devoted to a particular branch or type of painting. Each pursues its subject from the earliest stage to the most recent. Chapter One, for example, considers first the native roots in American folk painting through Grandma Moses. Chapter Two deals with American history as reflected in...
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