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Component-Based Software Development   Somaia Zabihi

Component-Based Software Development

96 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The ?rst objective of this book is to discuss about the Component-Based Software Development (CBSD) as one of the advanced methodologies with the example of an inventory management system for Herat University, in Afghanistan. The second objective examines more closely whether CBSD can be a proper approach in Afghanistan, particularly in context of Herat University Inventory Management System (HU-IMS). The focus of CBSD is to assemble the previously-existing software components to develop new and large software systems. It emphasizes on the use of O? The Shelf (OTS) components instead of building a system from the scratch. The results of the book con?rm that considering CBSD when designing HU-IMS can be a proper approach in the Afghanistan scenario. However, the CBSD, particularly in Afghanistan context, has its own challenges and risks as all other approaches have. Since there are not many localized libraries and repositories available, the ?rst challenge is to ?nd and select the...
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