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Implementation of a Remote Controller for a Three Axis Milling Machine   Firas Abdullah Thweny Al-Saedi and Hayder Saadi Radeaf Al-Khazraji

Implementation of a Remote Controller for a Three Axis Milling Machine

112 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In this book, a CNC system is designed, implemented and tested to control the operation of a laboratory milling machine having three axes that are moved by using a stepper motor attached to each axis. The designed control system consists of two PCs (server PC and client PC), the server PC is connected to the machine through its parallel port by using designed interface circuit. The client PC is used to control and monitor the machine operations remotely, and a network/internet connection is used to establish a connection with the server PC to control the machine. The required shape on the wooden piece is drawn by using AUTOCAD or 3D MAX and it is saved in DXF format, then that file is fed to the machine controller either by the operator or by the connected client PC, then that shape will be machined. The CNC system used developed algorithms that read the DXF file fed to the machine, extracts (line, circle, arc, ellipse or polyline) shapes from the file and generates commands to move...
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