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E-Governance in India- The Early Initiatives - A Research Study   Challa Radhakumari

E-Governance in India- The Early Initiatives - A Research Study

180 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The early models of e-governance in India were developed with a common goal of providing, under a single roof, government services to the citizens. This was carried out through network connectivity leading to increase in the comfort levels in the interaction of citizens with the government. Though these models vary in their scope of application, degree of network connectivity and the geographical area covered by each e-service center, through these initiatives, the governments in India have proved that Information and communication Technology(ICT) is a highly useful tool for improving the welfare of the society and bridging the digital divide. They were able to accomplish the electronic integration of government departments within a time frame of less than a year; a significant achievement in comparison with similar projects implemented in other developed and developing countries. The book describes in detail this process of implementation through scientific research coupled with...
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