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How to Improve Interface Usability for Novice Users   Ali Darejeh

How to Improve Interface Usability for Novice Users

164 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Interface plays a very important role in software learning and it has a direct effect on software popularity between users. Designing interface based on target users has been receiving an increasing attention from researchers in the last decade. This book which is written based on a study tries to propose solutions for novice users based on the finding of the researcher and reviewing the related literature. It starts with presenting the problems novice users face when they work with an interface for the first time and then comes up with the solutions to alleviate each issue. The experimental results showed that applying these solutions into software design can increase software usability significantly and self-learning would be promoted. This book can be used by both software developers and interface designers to design more usable software for different groups of novice users including children and elders.
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