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Great Buildings of the World Modern Buildings   John Winter

Great Buildings of the World Modern Buildings

205x220 184 страниц. 1969 год.
Paul Hamlyn
When we look at the world around us, it is sometimes difficult to believe that our age has produced any great buildings at all. Medieval towns may have been squalid, Elizabethan architecture may have been brash, Victorian buildings may seem neurotic, but it is during the 20th century that the face of the earth has been despoiled on the grand scale. Meaningless towns spring up and featureless suburbs spread mile after dreary mile across the land. Fine old cities like Worcester in England or Boston in Massachusetts lose their individual centres to faceless new developments, presumably in order to make money for somebody. Mediocrity prevails and one might assume that the art of architecture is dead, killed by apathy, ignorance, regulations and committees, and that only the old quarters of cities have any character and honesty. Yet, for those who take the trouble to look, there is much hope; for paradoxically we have created, alongside the mess, some of the greatest works of...
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