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An Efficient Finite Tree Automata Library   Ondrej Lengal

An Efficient Finite Tree Automata Library

64 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Numerous computer systems use dynamic control and data structures of unbounded size that often have the character of trees or can be encoded as trees with some additional pointers. This is exploited by some currently intensively studied techniques of formal verification that represent an infinite number of states using a finite tree automaton. However, currently there is no tree automata library implementation that would provide an efficient and flexible support for such methods. Thus the aim of this Master's Thesis is to provide such a library. The present paper first describes the theoretical background of finite tree automata and regular tree languages. Then it surveys current tree automata libraries and studies various verification techniques, outlining requirements for the library. Representation of a finite tree automaton and algorithms that perform standard language operations on this representation are proposed in the next part, which is followed by description of library...
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