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Performance Specific Approach for Software Hot-Swapping   M. Faridul Haque Siddiqui and Misbahur Rehman Warsi

Performance Specific Approach for Software Hot-Swapping

64 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The world is shrinking. It’s getting smaller -a global village. Yet it is also getting bigger and bigger, more unpredictable Dominating every domain from securities to managing, designing to implementation, softwares have been hitting every shore. The use of software in very critical scenarios which work in realms where there continuous operation is compulsion is increasing. Now problem arises when such software’s have to be modified. This is an unavoidable phase in a software’s life cycle. Every system software needs to be updated over time for different reasons such as fixing bugs, upgrading its components, or adapting the system in response to its environment's changes. These systems cannot be shut down as this would mean denial of services to its users. Thus a dynamic modification technique-Software Hot Swapping is employed to counter such situations. This technique solved the problem to a large extent, but brought with itself certain limitations, major being the Downtime. This...
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