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Filtering Pornography Based on Face Detection and Content Analysis   Ahmed Omar Abdallah,Tarek Moustafa Mahmoud and Tarek Abd. El-Hafeez Abd. El-Rahman

Filtering Pornography Based on Face Detection and Content Analysis

88 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
With the ever-growing Web, the Websites with objectionable contents like pornography, violence, racism,etc. have been augmented rapidly during recent years. Among the offensive contents, the pornography is the most harmful one affecting children safety and causing many destructive side effects. A content filter is one or more pieces of software that work together to prevent users from viewing material found on the Internet. This book presents an efficient content based software system for detecting and filtering pornography images in Web pages and Videos.The video analysis capability occurs in three different cases. Skin and face detection techniques are the main components of the proposed system. Because the proposed filter works online, the authors propose two fasting techniques that can be used to speed up the filtering system. This book contains also a survey of face and skin detection techniques.
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