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Great Centres of Art
255x350 164 страниц. 1965 год.
Edition Leipzig
The history of the art collections of Dresden can be traced back to the year 1560, when the Elector Augustus founded his Cabinet of Curiosities which, according to contemporary writers, soon grew to be richer and larger than any belonging to another German court. One hundred and fifty years later Augustus the Strong, supported by his court-architect, Raymond le Plat, began to acquire systematically from all over Europe individual works of art as well as whole collections. After 1720 the more important museums of Dresden were established in quick succession: first the Green Vaults for the exhibition of the treasures from the Cabinet of Curiosities, then the Gallery of Paintings which, owing to consider­able purchases in Prague, Paris and Modena, counted as one of the foremost picture collections of the world as early as the middle of the century. In 1754 Raphael's "Sistine Madonna" came from Piacenza to Dresden. Johann Joachim Winckelmann praised Dresden as the most outstanding centre...
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