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Intelligent e-learning system for multimedia concepts   V. Karamchand Gandhi

Intelligent e-learning system for multimedia concepts

88 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The main objective of intelligence e-learning system is to teach basic concepts of multimedia through computer using artificial intelligence techniques. Any person who has the elementary knowledge about the computer will be able to learn in detail, the multimedia is a vital role in computer technologies. It is used in concepts of animation and designing of the creation of web pages. This Intelligent Tutoring system asks questions to the user to generate the student model, according to which it decides whether the learner or student is to be in the same chapter or advance to the next chapter. This provides information within the framework of end users environment. Pictorial descriptions are included to facilitate better understanding. Search engine is provided for quicker reference. The glossary terms are arranged in alphabetical order that makes the user to view the glossaries of a particular selected term. The system facilitates the students to refer to keywords in the description of...
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