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Databases and Information Retrieval   Wole Olatokun

Databases and Information Retrieval

304 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Databases and Information Retrieval is written to impart in students the knowledge and skills needed in understanding issues relating to information retrieval in database environments. The content has been kept up-to-date for students to acquire skills and knowledge useful in the shorter and longer run. The range of topics covered include: introduction to data, information and knowledge, metadata and data dictionary, and properties and types of databases. Others include file organization, data modeling, database normalization and Structured Query Language (SQL). Information retrieval using various models and search strategies as well as Internet searching and information retrieval evaluation was also covered. In-text questions and self-assessment activities are provided in each chapter to make students review and reflect on what they have learnt. Each chapter also contains a glossary of terms that explains technical terminologies. The book is thus suitable and invaluable to lecturers...
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