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Decision Support System for Water Demand Management in Egypt   Mohamed Ghareeb

Decision Support System for Water Demand Management in Egypt

164 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Managing the increasing water demands in Egypt, with limited water resources, urges Egypt to find innovative and sustainable approaches for management, and to make use of the information technologies to build computerized decision support systems. The development of open-source GIS and DSS was best fit for modeling, monitoring, and estimating agriculture water demands, which is more than 80% of water demands in Egypt. The developed DSS can Compute the water consumption of different scenarios for cropping pattern, based on different objectives, and taking into account the fluctuation in the available water resources in Nasser Lake. The developed optimization model results in saving up to 5% of the national water consumption by re-allocating crops to the least water consumption locations.
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