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Implementation and Analysis of Various Attacks on Digital Images   Vishal Vora

Implementation and Analysis of Various Attacks on Digital Images

112 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Image processing is very essential field now a days for almost all type of embedded and commercial applications. security of images is also an important and crucial factor on which people works unstoppable. the purpose of this handbook is to put light on some resources- (attacked) which degrade the image during communications, at the same time it is also show the techniques by which it can overcome or reduce. the implementation and analysis of Various attacks on digital images - which includes both watermarked and non watermarked is done by considering various parameters like PSNR, MSE, CR etc. This work is really essential for watermarked image as when watermarked image got an attack on it will destroy the information or message that it will carry. so this work is completely focus on this concept.
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