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Class Attendance System Using Fingerprint Technique   Sofana Alfuhaid,Salha Abdullah and Norah Alshahrani

Class Attendance System Using Fingerprint Technique

204 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In recent years, the use of Internet and online applications at workplaces had increased tremendously. In the educational sector, there is a need to make teaching, learning and managing the whole process easy and efficient. The Class Attendance System (CAS) is developed to ease the process of recording the attendance of students and lecturers at the Faculty of Computing and IT at King Abdulaziz University. CAS would provide reliable and efficient record for class attendance by using fingerprint technology to authenticate both students and lecturers. The fingerprint technology is cheaper and easier to implement compared to other biometrics technology. CAS with the fingerprint features would make the system secure because student cannot attend on behalf of another student who did not come to class. In addition, students or lecturers cannot record their attendance except to be authenticated by the system. CAS also provide efficiency to administrators by producing statistics about...
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