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Enhanced & Generalised E-Governance Security Framework (EG)2SF   Govind Singh Tanwar,Chitreshh Banerjee and Ajeet Singh Poonia

Enhanced & Generalised E-Governance Security Framework (EG)2SF

88 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Human life is in today’s world is surrounded with technology. Technology has left hardly any space for non-technical things. When society is influenced, the security system or the way that society is governed changes for sure. It is a social phenomenon. With the enormous speed of development of technology governance “by the states is also not only governance” but it is turning out to be an “E-governance”. Even though, private sector is behind the creation of world class Information Technology still the government is focusing the public sector for implementation of E-governance. If we use biometric password for the online transaction, filling ITR, apply passport, Bill payment etc . then this type of system implementation would be highly secured. At present, in India, uss of such system are a remote possibility. The researcher seeks to discuss the boundaries of E-governance with the challenges involved in the techno-legal management, control and new systems like introduction of Unique...
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