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Introduction to Internet Security for PHP Web Developers   Audu Jonathan Adoga and Fredah I. Agbeje

Introduction to Internet Security for PHP Web Developers

52 страниц. 2014 год.
The importance of PHP and other compatible languages on the internet cannot be overemphasized. PHP is the most common server-side scripting language and over 70% of web servers deploy this but the challenge is this: other competitors such as ASPX or JSP developers enjoy in-built security programs in such languages but, PHP is left with a lot of flaws (OWASP, 2013). This problem triggers the need for awareness and solutions in this direction.Nobody can claim to have been able stop crime completely in a society but what every society does is to reduce it to a minimum.Since the invention of the internet by Tim Berners-Lee, web development has continued to witness monumental and revolutionary changes. The changes are either in form of increase in functionality or the introduction of versions of languages and software that are less prone to attacks. But, as more functionality and new versions are being introduced, they come with unforeseen flaws that are later discovered by the inventors...
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