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IT Security Training in Indian Banks   Pramod Damle

IT Security Training in Indian Banks

380 страниц. 2013 год.
Scholars' Press
While the Indian banks have been on a successful march of IT deployment over the years, how far have they ensured that the flip side of the technology, viz. info security, is well taken care? This doctoral thesis throws an X-ray on the info security posture of Indian banks by demonstrating both - sound security and weak links – as gauged by surveying the security training imparted in Indian banks. The book starts with a background on the key indicators of Indian banks as well as the qualitative and quantitative description of their automation efforts. It then proceeds to examine the info security parameters like developing and disseminating the security policy, and putting in place the major building blocks like passwords, backup, business continuity etc. Rather than getting into the details of any individual bank, the book highlights the security position of the Indian banking as a whole that would serve as a beacon for the practitioners and researchers alike, who are curious...
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