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SurfLess Find More! Travel Quickly & Easily on the Internet   Joint Work

SurfLess Find More! Travel Quickly & Easily on the Internet

This is the second book in the SurfLess Find More! series. With the number of travel related sites growing exponentially by the day, you need a resource to help you find the most useful sites quickly and easily. This guide is that resource. By usingthe well-defined and clearly organized topics you will be able to make reservations, find discounts, airlines, rental car companies, hotels, foreign language resources, travel advisories, subway & rail schedules and maps, time & currency converters and much, much more. The Internet enhances the travel experience by making it possible to research even the most obscure travel alternatives and destinations. Use this guide to unearth travel options which will help you get the most out of your valuable travel and vacation time. All books within the SurfLess Find More! series are formatted to save time and prevent frustration. SurfLess Find More! guides are conveniently sized (8.5" x 5.5"), durably constructed (laminated covers and...
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