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The Internet and the New Biology: Tools for Genomic and Molecular Research   Leonard F., Jr Peruski, Anne Harwood Peruski

The Internet and the New Biology: Tools for Genomic and Molecular Research

This useful guide explores and explains many of the computational biology tools found on the Internet and how they can be applied to problems in genomic and molecular biology. It provides essential information and practical instruction on how to use theInternet to answer these four questions: How do I submit sequence data to the public sequence database? How do I search a sequence against the public databases? How do I look for sequence motifs, such as promoters or splice sites? How do I retrieve sequences from the public databases? The book concentrates on the simplest component of the Internet, e-mail servers, but also highlights and demonstrates the use of two other practical and important aspects of the Internet: Gopher and the World Wide Web. One special feature of this guide is the appendix summarizing and providing addresses for all the servers described in the book. Another unique feature is ASM?s associated interactive Web site with descriptions and bookmarks to these...
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