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Anton Raphael Mengs  

Anton Raphael Mengs

Мастера мировой живописи
245x325 112 страниц. 1984 год.
The history of art knows but few instances when a painter's works were appreciated, during his lifetime, as highly as were the paintings of Anton Raphael Mengs. He was a member of many academies, head of the academies of St. Luke in Rome and San Fernando in Madrid, director of the Florentine Academy, court painter to Augustus III, elector of Saxony and king of Poland, to king of Spain, and to the Pope in Rome. Created a knight, and basking in the sunshine of fame and adulation, Mengs was called by his contemporaries the most distinguished painter in Europe. Johann Joachim Winckelmann called him "the greatest painter of his time and of times to come". The rulers of many countries in continental Europe, from Spain in the west to Russia in the east, were anxious to obtain his canvases, sparing neither effort nor money for the purpose. However, his fame failed to stand the test of time. The nineteenth century already saw a considerable decline in enthusiasm for Mengs, and his works,...
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