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North Italian Fifteenth Century Paintings   Laszlo Mravik

North Italian Fifteenth Century Paintings

210x240 82 страниц. 1978 год.
Corvina Kiado
The Italian Renaissance extended over more than a hundred and fifty years and is usually classified as Early Renaissance and High Renaissance. In this volume we are concerned only with Italian art of the fifteenth century which is now to be found in Hungary. The history as well as the art of the fifteenth century is indeed complex: in the art of the period we even find quite opposing trends. This is partly due to the political disunity of Italy, but even more to the transitional character of the era. According to the late nineteenth-century theories about the Renaissance - which still affect our attitudes today - the fifteenth century was a period of stabilization, following the emergence of an essentially homogeneous society, independent of the Middle Ages. But if we want to draw a sharp demarcation line in the field of social development, we would do better to make it at the beginning of the fourteenth and the end of the sixteenth centuries, between the hopeful rise of a bourgeoisie...
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