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Programming the Web Using XHTML and JavaScript   Larry Randles Lagerstrom, Larry Lagerstrom

Programming the Web Using XHTML and JavaScript

Programming the Web Using XHTML and JavaScript by Lagerstrom fits in introductory Web-Authoring courses in the community college, university extension or technical schools, or in Web-Scripting courses found in computer science departments. It requires no prior knowledge of HTML or programming. This book was written to offer a straightforward introduction to programming. Programming the Web Using XHTML and JavaScript starts out with an explanation of HTML and then gently guides the student into learning how to create web pages that actually respond to and interact with the web browser through JavaScript. To accomplish the patient ease of learning, Dr. Lagerstrom created various types of end of chapter material, which reinforce what has been learned via lab exercises, de-bugging problems and objective questions. Pedagogical features such as icons are located in the margins to alert students of potential trouble areas and advice.
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