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Learning Illustrator 9   Bruce Heavin

Learning Illustrator 9

Learning Illustrator 9 with Bruce Heavin is a video workshop, complete with video clip tutorials and the exercise files so you can follow along. This product is intended for the beginner as well as the existing Illustrator user who wants to get up to speed on the current version 9. The focus of this CD-ROM is on using the Illustrator tool set to achieve specific drawing tasks and control over imagery for production work. Techniques specific to Illustrator are covered, such as how to work with bezier drawing tools, re-constructing a logo from a scanned image, path manipulation, targeting, layers, grouping, appearances, transformations, masking, transparency, and save for web; as well as integration with other applications such as Photoshop, InDesign, and GoLive. Also included is a movie in which you can watch the cover design for the CD-ROM packaging being created before your eyes in Illustrator, to learn how it was done. 8 hours.
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