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Art and Life by Svetoslav Roerich  

Art and Life by Svetoslav Roerich

175x240 286 страниц. 2004 год.
There are many books written by artists in which they hare recorded their own particular philosophy of art, their theories and discoveries. But this one can rightfully be titled unique even amongst those which are recognized as the most notable. Makii,. attempt to introduce the author of "Art and Life" to our rea it would be not enough to say that he was a great Artist who brought to mankind an inspiring message of Beauty through his wondrous paintings. In order to represent a Svetoslav Roerich's full-length portrait one needs to use the same multicoloured palette as the artist himself used in his canvases. He was a profound and original philosopher who gave a fine synthesis of the Ea and Western thought and realized in his own life all the mural maxims he preached; an earnest explorer who cooperated with many scientific institutions; an educator-humanist who was closely connected with numerous cultural organizations and concerned about the future of mankind, about a more perfect...
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