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Issues in WiMAX Handover   Badar Kamal and Yasir Mukhtar

Issues in WiMAX Handover

92 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
WiMax is one of the most efficient technologies in data communication. Its implementation in many different parts of the world has proved it to be resource efficient and up to the mark with other data communication technologies. We can safely say that it is going to change not only the internet and DSL services, but it also have a potential to change overall telecommunication world as a whole. The very special thing about it is its mobility and speed blend, which can prove it to be a very efficient alternative, specially in under developed areas,where there is less infrastructure. However some issues in handover process of WiMax makes the switching process very slow, which definitely needs to be catered for. We have tried to elaborate problems as well as solutions for those problems in this book.
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