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A User-Centric Quality of Service Management System   Aleksej Spenst

A User-Centric Quality of Service Management System

208 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Wireless networking technologies are becoming very popular for distribution of digital content throughout the home. However, media distribution is not ready yet to satisfy users'' quality expectations in wireless networks. Due to bandwidth variations and high error rates, a number of Quality of Service (QoS) mechanisms have to be deployed in the network in order to guarantee a certain level of quality. We describe a user-centric QoS management approach based on user preferences. Unlike traditional QoS approaches that always give multimedia applications a pre-determined high priority due to their strict latency and loss requirements, the proposed approach classifies traffic according to user preferences, thus, ensuring a certain quality regardless of the application requirements. The application priorities are assigned according to user profiles and automatically updated in case of changes in the network or user environment. The results of this work demonstrate...
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