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Enhanced Current Aircraft Communications Addressing & Recording System   Stephen Kigotho

Enhanced Current Aircraft Communications Addressing & Recording System

80 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
To enable safe movement of aircrafts all airplane communications are conducted through a uniform platform referred to as an Aircraft Communications Addressing and Recording system. This protocol was first introduced in the late 70s and used dedicated telex formats to transmit data.Over the years the VHF has been constrained by the additional data produced. This is because of the increasing number of aviation industry players. To further constrain the same, the current ACARS system consists of communications hardware as well as applications subsystems and these components have changed significantly due to the changing aviation needs. This means that the length of message is constrained in the current communication platform. In effect, pilots receive information that is either incomplete or so limited that they are unable to make effective judgement on plane routing. Messages between the controller tower and the flight crew are usually not encoded. With this in...
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