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Evaluations of Synchronization Loss Equations on High-Speed Networks   Aaron Tureau

Evaluations of Synchronization Loss Equations on High-Speed Networks

60 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
When dealing with computer networks, the two parameters that are the hottest topics in research today are throughput and link utilization. With higher overall link utilization a network can have better throughput over a longer period of time. Flow loss rate desychronization reduces the affects of packet drops on overall link utilization by having flows ignore loss events that they do not experience a drop in. Many equations have been developed to try to capture this parameter, but none have mirrored the definition of flow desynchronization perfectly. This paper not only defines and evaluates previously proposed equations, pointing out their pros and cons, it also takes their ideas and motivation to produce new and more accurate equations that can be used as general equations to precisely calculate synchronization loss rate.
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