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Compression Techniques in Slow Internet Environment   Amit Grover

Compression Techniques in Slow Internet Environment

164 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Data compression is a term used to describe several techniques to reduce the size of files stored on computers. Data compression allows information to be transmitted from one computer to another faster, and it also makes more efficient use of computer storage space. The purpose of image compression is to reduce the amount of data for storage or transmission while maintaining the integrity of one or more aspects of the image. If the image is stored or transmitted for the purpose of being viewed, the compression process must retain implementation, visual integrity of the image. As the amount of information that is needed and available increases, the need for more efficient ways of representing this information increases as well. The goal of data compression is to provide the most efficient ways to represent this information. Compressed data can be downloaded more quickly, smaller quantities of data mean that web pages arrive quicker and take less bandwidth.
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