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Grid Computing Framework   Suresh Shanmugasundaram

Grid Computing Framework

252 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Grid computing is a collection of distributed heterogeneous resources which can be used as an ensemble to execute large-scale applications. With grid computing, organizations can optimize computing and data resources, pool them for large capacity workloads, share them across networks and enable collaboration. Many studies on Grid computing have been conducted, such as resource allocation, resource management, security, and Web Services. In the grid scenario, four challenges are envisioned which are discussed in this book along with the solution to overcome those challenges. Advancing technology has rendered the internet a viable medium for collaborative computing that nearly equalizes super-computing performance. The explanation provided in this book will certainly be useful for research scholars, research fellows, professionals dealing high performance networks or others who may be considering comprehending grid computing framework, its challenges and hence will be able to use it for...
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