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Ad Hoc WSN system for Large Food Grain Warehouse   Neha Deshpande and A. D. Shaligram

Ad Hoc WSN system for Large Food Grain Warehouse

192 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Considering the application of Wireless Sensor Networks in food grain warehouse, challenges of special indoor environment are to be handled. The work presented in this book has taken into consideration, different means of reducing energy overheads; maintaining the quality of communication.This research work has achieved the baseline development and implementation of ad-hoc WSN for large food grain warehouse showing a proof-of-concept. The experiments using the prototype model have generated clear communications from front end to back end and vice a versa. The modularity of the system is numerous and should progress step by step.This system will greatly enhance the quality of food grain storage and provide good technological support for the existing system. Opportunities are plenty to employ technology in these fields. Faster, easy to deploy, low maintenance, reliable and cost effective solutions are expected to make bigger inroads. This is one step in this direction. Each part of the...
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