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Remote Database Controller   B. Menaka Balasubramanian

Remote Database Controller

104 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In information technology data plays a vital role. On the basis of data it used to process the information or do our day-to-day activities. More databases are available in the IT world to store or retrieve data in different manner or to maintain. So many organizations have released databases; Oracle is considered the best one. There are RDBMS, DBMS, and FILE SYSTEMS database. RDBMS is successful for the end user or programmer and developers. But Oracle database is reliable and user friendly and it supports network. In the Oracle database access control is possible and at the same we can create new user with possible security for the user. Oracle administration can be done within a campus or in front of a server provided that the server should be a wired network. For the Data Base management the Administrator or Data Base user must sit before the Data Base Server or access the sever within the campus. This is a disadvantage for the user as well as the administrator if they...
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