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GSM Structure and Expanding of Coverage at Hill Tracts Area   A. K. M. Harun-Ur-Rashid

GSM Structure and Expanding of Coverage at Hill Tracts Area

132 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has long been recognized as a crucial constituent in the social infrastructures to constitute a modern nation. Developing country like Bangladesh, ICT plays a key role in social development. Telecommunication is most powerful element of it. The evidence has indicated that telecommunication has potential to empower the quality of lives for people living in poverty. It provides the community with the power to access virtually all kinds of information, knowledge, as well as communications services. This study reflects on ?GSM Structure and Expanding of Coverage at Hill Tracts Area of Bangladesh. The country's mobile phone operators have been given a new opportunity to intensify their rivalry as they battle to win customers in hill districts that are to be opened for mobile telephony. The cellular phone companies now have their network coverage in 61 districts out of 64 except the hill districts- Rangamati, Khagrachhari ...
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