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Facebook For Dummies   Leah Pearlman, Carolyn Abram

Facebook For Dummies

For Dummies Series
185x235 360 страниц. 2010 год.
Wiley Publishing, Inc
The perennial bestseller-now updated to cover the latest features of Facebook. Facebook is forever evolving, with the goal of improved user interaction. This new edition catches you up on the latest privacy updates, interface redesign, and other new features and options that keep the site up to date and never leaves you bored. You?ll discover helpful coverage of all the changes and updates that have occurred since the previous edition, as well as the newest features that Facebook offers. Reveals all the latest changes, updates, and new features of Facebook that have occurred since the previous edition; Introduces you to getting started with Facebook by creating a profile, setting privacy features, and navigating the interface; Encourages you to find friends, upload photos, fill out your profile, and make new friends; Helps you get organized by using Facebook as a scheduler, creating specialized business pages, and joining groups; Shows you how to use...
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