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Phishing Attacks and Detection   Madhav P. Namdev

Phishing Attacks and Detection

68 страниц. 2015 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
As the wireless communication increasing so there are new type of attacks are being seen. one of them is Phishing attack. An end-host based anti-phishing algorithm which is called as Link Guard, based on the characteristics of the phishing hyperlink. Since Link Guard is character-based, it can detect and prevent not only known phishing attacks but also unknown ones. The spoofed e-mails used by phishers are one type of spam e-mails. From this point of view, the spam filters can also be used to filter those phishing e-mails. For example, blacklist, white list, keyword filters, Bayesian filters with self learning abilities, and E-Mail Stamp, etc., can all be used at the e-mail server or client systems. Most of these anti-spam techniques perform filtering at the receiving side by scanning the contents and the address of the received e-mails. The experiments indicate that Link Guard is light-weighted in that it consumes very little memory and CPU circles, and most importantly, it is very...
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