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An Enhanced TCP Congestion Control Approach for MANET   Nitin K. Mishra

An Enhanced TCP Congestion Control Approach for MANET

112 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In this book we proposed an enhanced TCP Congestion control approach. It considers the influences to TCP sender’s packet sending rate not only by the congestion but also by the Corruption. The sending window will be calculated after each Transmission, according to number of loss packet. So, there is less packet drop occurring in Transmission. The comparative study of efficient TCP (NTCP) with other TCP variants is also presented with variation in speed of node, pause time and number of nodes in network. The New Mechanism can be easily implemented with fewer overheads and can effectively improve reliability with small variances of throughput and delay. Implementation and Simulation for this Approach is performed in QualNet 5.0.1 Simulator.
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