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An Energy-Efficient Routing Protocol for Homogeneous WSN   Gaurav Bathla

An Energy-Efficient Routing Protocol for Homogeneous WSN

72 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Wireless sensor network is composed of large number of sensor nodes (SNs) and one or more sink nodes also called as base stations (BS) to which data is to be transmitted. These sensor nodes are associated with limited battery power and wireless communication which are deployed to collect useful information from the field. Gathering this sensed information in cost effective manner at base station is task of research.Earliest proposed techniques were directly transmitting data to base station which was further improved by collecting and aggregating the data in sensor network which increased network lifetime by a factor of 8, that is further improved by different proposed protocols.In this book a routing technique to collect and aggregate the data of sensor network and then to transmit it to base station is proposed which is based on MST generation among sensor nodes and partitioning the network into 3 areas (named tiers) based on the distance from base station and is implemented in c++,...
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