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Data Migration   Harshini, Harsha & Santosh,Harsha Rao M and Santosh Kumar VP

Data Migration

92 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In present day scenario most of the organizations, handles text or critical data in databases, excel or text files. They use associated software’s to maintain the data. These data are however not web distributable or previewed across a browser. The application proposes a standard format to represent data that can be previewed across any browser. The format of the text that are used as inputs are databases such as Sql-Server, Oracle and access. Additionally inputs from Excel are used to migrate data and make it available on the web. Hence at the receivers end the system need not have associated software’s. Also text that is delimited can be converted to xml at runtime. The system enhances the facility as the source of data for databases can also be remote systems.
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