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Optical Packet Ring Engineering   Bogdan Uscumlic

Optical Packet Ring Engineering

232 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book focuses on various problems of the operation of a WDM optical packet ring: design, packet scheduling, delivered QoS and efficiency of optical transport. The relationship between these issues is shown and a range of tools for dimensioning and network control is proposed. This synchronous optical packet ring with multiple data channels and a single control channel has been studied by the ANR ECOFRAME (2007-2010). The stations of the ring have tunable transmitters and WDM fixed receivers. For a given traffic matrix, a cost of configuration incorporating costs of using wavelengths (data channels) and receivers is minimized by using Integer Linear Programming (ILP) models and heuristics. The complexity class of the problem has also been proved. Then, the performance evaluation study is performed by using the analytical and simulation tools. The optimal design case, from the point of view of cost and performance has been identified. It is shown that optimally...
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