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Flexible Data Flow in Location Based Services   Suleiman Almasri

Flexible Data Flow in Location Based Services

200 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
We live during an era in which mobile devices are available to almost everyone. Theservices and equipment utilised within these small devices are growing with each newgeneration of mobile network technologies. Today’s mobile devices offer differentmethods and protocols for exchanging data among their users. A famous example ofsuch methods that support users’ communication needs is the technology named:Location-Based Services (LBS). LBS users also wish to receive multimediainformation regarding their surrounding area, such as high quality pictures and videos.Hence, a larger amount of data is transferred from the server to the client. However,due to the constraints of wireless network bandwidth, mobile device limited storage,and short battery lifetime, slow data transmission rates within the system inhibit theefficiency of LBS.Therefore, this thesis presents a solution for the large data-size problem based onbetter managing the data-flow from the server to the client. The outcome of...
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