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High Speed NetFPGA Router   Ahmed Khalid

High Speed NetFPGA Router

76 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
When it comes to Network Communications, the most important aspect of all, is the speed of your router. High-speed end devices are readily available, breakneck mediums are also available (like optical fiber), but what about the Routers? They always seem to be a bottleneck in the performance of a network. NetFPGA Router is the best solution to this issue. It can deliver 10 to 20 times faster processing speed than the ordinary routers available in market. And the fascinating part is that it is cost-efficient too. This book explains in detail how to implement routing algorithms such as IPv4 and OSPF on NetFPGA platform. It also covers basic concepts of routing that are necessary to understand NetFPGA Router. The book is based on an award-winning project in "COMPPEC 2011" (Computer Project Exhibition and Competition, Pakistan).
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