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Multicasting Over Satellite Networks   Faraz Khan

Multicasting Over Satellite Networks

92 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
IP Multicast supports a resource efficient way for the communication between one to many or many to many devices. It provides many benefits to the network operators and saves their scare bandwidth as it minimizes the unwanted router processing and load at sender by multicasting a single copy of data. Especially when the communication is being done over a costly medium like satellite, the IP multicast provides a reliable solution. The satellite is an effective medium for users which are geographically dispersed as minimum numbers of hops are used for communication in satellite network while covering a vast area. This research emphasized on the strategies and adjustments that are required for integrating satellite with multicast networks and a multicast application over satellite network i.e. Light Video Conferencing was simulated in OPNET. This book is intended for a broad range of readers including students and professionals who will benefit from an understanding of IP multicast...
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