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Location Management and Related Issues in Cellular Mobile Environment   Sulata Mitra and Sipra Das(Bit)

Location Management and Related Issues in Cellular Mobile Environment

152 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book primarily addresses the problem of location tracking which is a mechanism of tracking down a user on move within a fixed time delay to route an incoming call destined for the user. In addition, it presents solutions of implementing variety of probable data services, which is on high demand now-a-days, within cellular mobile environment. Further, in view of the fact that the performance of both the location tracking and data services greatly depend on efficient and balanced distribution of limited resources e.g. frequency spectrum among users, the book provides a complete chapter describing various means of solving the balanced distribution of resources (load balancing). The book may serve as a good starting point for the researchers including Ph.D scholars and post graduate students working in the field of mobile computing. It will provide them an excellent overview of some of the important developments in this fast-growing field within this past few exciting years. It...
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